PRP Treatment In Kerala

What is the cost of PRP Treatment in Kerala?

PRP treatment in Kerala for hair loss is trending in a big way. But first, let’s understand the science behind this new hair transplant procedure. PRP refers to ‘Platelet Rich Plasma’. Platelets are already found in human blood along with white and red blood cells. They play a very important role in helping blood clot faster if there is a wound, so that a person does not keep losing blood. Researchers understood that PRP had the ability to repair tissue and to facilitate growth as it had a good amount of protein. Initial experiments proved that PRP was successful in minimising hair loss especially in cases where hair follicles were damaged.

Re-Hair Transplantation, with a clinic in Ernakulam, is popular with patients for their PRP treatment in Kerala. Platelets from the patient’s own blood is derived and then injected into areas where hair growth is sparse or hair follicles are visibly damaged. PRP treatment in Kerala is popular because there is almost nil recovery time required and the procedure itself in a non- invasive one which does not leave scars. It allows new follicles to grow and helps to increase overall blood flow which gives a patient thicker healthier hair.

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