Mesotheraphy Pen Method transplantation in Kochi

Mesotherapy- Pen Method transplantation in Kochi

Should you do it?

Rapid hair loss is a cause of concern and worry for a lot of people, especially in today’s rapidly changing world. Mesotherapy can assist to prevent hair loss, improve hair quality, and even promote hair growth in a few cases.

The process

A non-surgical alternative for the prevention of hair loss and promotion of hair regrowth in both men and women, this technique involves injecting the scalp with a boost of vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients for improving blood flow and treating bald patches. Hair follicles are made healthy and hair density is increased by promoting blood circulation in the scalp.
Pen method transplantation is the latest procedure developed after FUE. As the world demands quick and painless results, Pen method gradually gained its prominence. It is indeed an advanced technic of FUE, in which a particular pen is used as a tool instead of manually cutting channels in the scalp.

How you benefit
  • Reduce hair fall
  • Increase existing hair quality
  • Eliminate dandruff and hair thinning
  • Treat devitalised hair

The one-stop solution for all your hair transplantation needs!