Top Myths and Facts about PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP Hair loss treatment, known as Platelet-rich plasma treatment is a novel treatment to strengthen hair follicles.

PRP for hair loss treatment has many myths surrounding it. There is a fake myth that PRP is not meant for young people. There is no specified age limit for PRP hair loss treatments. Most clinics offer PRP treatments for older people only. However, middle-aged persons can also be considered for PRP hair loss treatment. Age is not a barrier to PRP hair loss treatment. Another common misconception is that PRP Hair loss treatments are only for males, and it is not suitable for females. This is fake. The treatment cannot be biased toward gender. Majority of the people think that PRP treatment is not safe. The fact is that it is a safe procedure and won't be having after effects. Patients have another misconception that PRP is used for cosmetic procedures. The fact is that it can be used both in hair and skin treatments. PRP process is not surgery. It is the process of injecting Protein Rich Plasma into the scalp for better hair growth. PRP helps to heal faster. It helps with inflammation too. PRP treatment for hair fall is a minimally invasive procedure, which only involves injections and no surgery. The treatment is painless. Hair rejuvenation can take up to 6 weeks depending on hair loss. It helps to preserve hair grafts. No toxins or chemicals are used in this process. The process boosts natural hair growth for sure. Long, luscious and healthy hair is something that all of us dream about. Get the best hair loss treatment and PRP treatment in Kerala from REHAIR transplants.

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