Most of us experience hair loss, a distressing problem that affects our confidence, self-esteem, and quality of life. A vital hair restoration treatment, PRP treatment shows very impressive results. PRP therapy can improve the appearance and thickness of your hair. Patients with thinning hair or male or female pattern baldness symptoms often have the best results.

PRP is a natural therapy against hair loss, and the plasma is enriched with platelets from the patient’s blood. Platelets and proteins help to stimulate hair root rejuvenation and cell regeneration. Using PRP for hair loss is a recently introduced treatment and it has a definite solution for hair growth. PRP can't help with progressed baldness. It helps to reduce and stop hair fall and increases hair thickness. When injected into the scalp, active platelets can produce and release various growth factors. PRP is a must do therapy for people facing hair loss issues. If you are a hair lover, you will gradually fall in love with PRP treatment too.

The one-stop solution for all your hair transplantation needs!