PRP Treatment In Kerala

Say no to a beard that lacks growth

Beard and moustache loss are just as worrying among youngsters as hair loss due to changing lifestyles and polluted environments and water. For beard loss patients, a Beard Transplant is the most permanent and natural-looking option available. A beard transplant is not the only option for dealing with facial hair loss. However, this is a long-lasting and well-proven remedy that is growing in popularity across the world.

The transplanting of a beard is not a risk-free process. Hair follicle transplantation is now painless and quick to recover from, thanks to innovative aesthetic procedures. The most successful remedy for male baldness is a beard transplant (MPB). Patients who have had their beards transplanted are those who have suffered from burns, accidents, or hereditary illnesses. The cost is determined by the number of grafts required. To achieve symmetry, a Beard Hair Transplant in India first requires an understanding of a man's face dimension. During the treatment, the surgeon will extract hair follicles from the back of the scalp and then implant them in the beard region using tiny incisions. Re-hair is the best option if you want to do your beard and moustache transplant in a highly skilled and hygienic setting with 100 per cent quality and natural outcomes. We guarantee that your desire for thick, natural-looking facial hair will come true.

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