Is hair transplant is painful?

Since the 1950s, hair transplantation has been a common procedure and has advanced significantly. In essence, hair from an area of the scalp where it grows hair is taken out and grafted (or inserted) into the desired (thinning) area. Over the past few decades, the procedure has become incredibly complex, making it possible to successfully extract and graft into a new location hair units as small as a few hairs or even one single hair. The outpatient surgery might take anywhere between four and eight hours to complete. Despite how convenient the operation is, it is still a surgical procedure, thus some discomfort can be expected. The patient will receive a local anaesthetic before to the surgery, and they may experience a small prickling sensation (like the tip of a pen on the scalp). A short while later, the anaesthetic numbs the skin, alleviating any discomfort experienced during the treatment. For a few days after the procedure, patients may experience tenderness, redness, and mild pain. To treat these side effects, they may need to take pain (and possibly anti-inflammatory) medication.However, these are typically minor enough that patients can go back to work in a maximum of two days. It will be less painful after the hair transplant process if you follow the post-surgical advice throughout the first few weeks of recovery. The hair that was transplanted will fall out two to three weeks following the procedure, but new hair will grow in its place. 60% of new hair growth will have appeared for the majority of individuals six to nine months after the surgery. Most individuals will see complete hair regrowth within a year. Schedule a consultation with ReHair, the best hair transplant clinic. Hair transplantation cost in Kochi varies from person to person (as per the number of hair follicles). If you are going to consider a hair transplant.It will be easier to find the best remedies for your hair loss if you consult with Rehair.

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