Is a hair transplant the best solution for hair loss?

Hair transplants are intended to promote the growth of new hair in bald or sparsely covered areas of the scalp. Although they are effective treatments for a number of hair loss problems, they do not stop additional hair loss. People might need additional transplants to achieve long-lasting results. In addition to being a normal part of ageing, hair loss and thinning can also be brought on by a medical condition or trauma to the scalp. Some persons who experience hair loss choose to get a hair transplant for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons. A surgeon removes hair follicles from the donor area, which is a dense patch of hair, typically the back of the head, to perform a hair transplant. The follicles are then placed into tiny incisions on the affected area of the scalp. Typically, surgeons utilize the side or back of the head as the donor location. However, using skin from the chin, back, or breast can also be effective. Using body hair could be advantageous for folks who don’t have thick hair on the sides or back of their heads. According to a reliable source, extracting hair from the body or beard takes more effort and skill than extracting hair from the scalp. Nevertheless, another research According to Trusted Source, the body and beard are “great sources” of donor hair for hair grafts. Both procedures involve local anesthetic and may take several hours, depending on how many follicles the physician implants. Typically, a patient can leave for home the day of their therapy. The procedure is totally safe if you choose the right Hair transplant clinic. ReHair is the best hair transplants in Calicut.

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