Female Hair Loss and Hair Transplant

About one-third of women experience or suffer hair loss at some stage in their life. About two third are suffering from hair thinning or baldness. Usually, the amount of hair loss is much more than men do and it is a serious scenario for most ladies that cause them loss of confidence. It is not very common that women are getting ready for a hair transplant. According to experts and reports, a very small percentage of women are candidates for hair transplant surgery. Rehair Transplantation is one of the Best Hair Transplantation center in Kerala who are providing a better treatment for females baldness or hairloss

Hair transplantation is not just for men, However, females pattern baldness, these donor areas are generally unstable. They, like the rest of the hair, are thinning. DHT, which ends up killing follicles, affects the donor areas in women. That means that trying to remove hair and accompanying follicles from these donor regions in women and transplanting them to other areas will lead to hair loss. In most cases, a strip of scalp is excluded from the donor area and then used to generate the grafts. Sutures are being used to close the donor area; if handled responsibly and without tension, there is usually little scarring at the donor site. In about ten days, the sutures are removed. Typically, you will notice a considerable improvement from the fifth to the sixth month. The patient must understand this ahead of time so that he or she never becomes alarmed by the natural course of events. So the hair goes into a rest phase at first, then into a growth phase after 3-4 months, and then the hair grows for as long as it was genetically programmed to grow on the donor area, which is an encouraging finding. Rehair Transplantation, the Best Hair Transplantation In Kochi is providing a better service to its female candidates.

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